Islam is in the news quite regularly these days, mostly in connection with acts of terror, disruption of peace and subversion of rule of law. After the end of the cold war, it appears, Islam has attracted special attention of the world media and opinion makers. Extraordinary efforts are being made to present Islam as an intolerant, repressive and retrogressive dogma out to create trouble wherever and whenever possible. Attempts are also being made to create an impression that the Qur’an Islam’s holy book, is the root cause of it all, exhorting its followers not to rest till all traces of un-Islamic symbols are removed. The truth is quit opposite.

There’s is no denying the fact that there are groups, which, do not only say so openly but exhort Muslims to join hands in the holy war – Jihad. The very word Jihad, which is the supreme duty of a Muslim in the cause of peace, amity, justice and brotherhood, has been reduced to overt and covert acts of destruction and de-stabilization for political ends. Coupled with this, are high profile and high flying modern writers like Huntington, Naipaul and others, working overtime with full support of powerful media, to put forward theories to convince the world that so long as the Qur’an continues to exist and followed, there cannot be any peace in the world.!

Prudent and learned opinion of a vast majority of Muslims, professionals, thinkers, philosophers, theologians, clergy and common people, not only differ with all that is being propounded by the modern day Jihadist, but also condemns all such activities which cause loss of life, property and honour of innocent common people for struggles which are basically for political ends. It cannot be ruled out that most of these groups are created, funded and given prominence in media coverage by the very people who chant slogans of doom.

This Monograph is an effort to present the true teachings of Islam as contained in the Qur’an, which is the only authentic book of Islam. It has remained intact from the day of its revelation, nearly fifteen centuries ago, in a language that has never gone out of use since times much earlier that the advent of Islam. It highlights the most significant aspects of Isla, i.e., peace and prosperity for all with the slogan of ‘love and let live’ with mutual respect, tolerance, cooperation, justice and equality. It is for the readers to judge for themselves as to where does the truth lie. The author, representing the mainstream Muslims, has achieved this aim in strikingly simple and reader friendly manner.