This Monograph: SELECTED QUR'ANIC VERSES CLASSIFIED BY SCIENTIFIC THEMES, highlights the scientific significance of approximately 250 definitive Qur'anic verses. These verses cover varied scientific fields such as Astronomical Sciences, Earth Sciences (including the earth, mountains, water bodies, weather phenomena etc.), Biological Sciences, Medical Sciences and Natural Resources. These selected Qur’anic verses are only illustrative of the scientific aspects revealed in the Holy Qur'an. One study has estimated that one eighth of the Qur'anic verses relate to scientific aspects.

The references to scientific aspects are subtle yet very distinct and do not leave the readers in any doubt about their scientific significance. Many scientific findings of epoch making significance were anticipated in the Holy Qur'an more than 1300 years before their actual discovery. As for instance the Qur'an revealed the concept of the expanding Universe in the early seventh century which the astronomers and astrophysicists have only recently discovered. Again the scientists could discover only in the early 20th century that every living being has been created out of water, the Qur'an revealed it 1400 years ago. Further the Qur'an reveals and the scientists concur that animate and inanimate objects are created in pairs. The Holy Qur'an also revealed the stabilizing role of Mountains on the earth which the geologists could discover only in the early 20th century. Similarly the Holy Qur'an describes with stunning accuracy the human embryology. These revelations on the one hand anticipated the modern scientific concepts in human embryology, and on the other hand rectified the errors in the Aristotelian theory of pre-formation of human embryo. It can be stated without any fear of contradiction that the scientific aspects covered and revealed in the Holy Qur'an are found amazingly correct by the scientific data available in the respective fields. Is it not miraculous and does it not testify eloquently to the divine origin of the Holy Qur'an? Or else, how an unlettered prophet could have spoken with unerring accuracy about the modern scientific theories and concepts in the early seventh century?

In order to enable the Urdu knowing scholars to comprehend adequately the scientific significance of the selected Qur'anic verses, Urdu translation has also been added in this Monograph together with the English translation of the Qur'anic text.