Khulfa-e-Rashideen: The Four Pious Khalifahs

This Monograph provides a realistic account of the achievements of Khulafa-ar-Rashieein. As Khalifahs (Caliphs) of an Islamic state they established a system of administration, which was genuinely based on Qur’anic injunctions and Traditions of the Prophet (SAWS). Thus piety, justice with equality, compassion, honesty, integrity, truth and human welfare constituted the key components of their administration. They adhered to these principles firmly and consistently and never deviated or compromised on basics even under most trying circumstances. They thus established a truly welfare state, the first of its kind, in the annals of political history of the world. The Monograph offers a perceptive account of the social, political and military challenges faced by each of the Four Caliphs and the strategy they adopted to tackle them.

It is hoped that the reader will find this Monograph revealing and rewarding.