This Monograph on Essence and Spirit of Islam is the last in the series of Monographs pertaining to Qur’an and Islam published by the Indian School of Excellence Trust (INDSET).

It is an extremely difficult task nonetheless an attempt has been made to condense in a capsule salient features about the Qur’an and Islam presented more comprehensively in the preceding twenty-nine volumes.

Muslim societies the world over are decadent and stagnating largely because the instrument of Ijtihad (independent critical thinking) to reform Muslim societies and keep them abreast with the emerging demands with the passage of time is not invoked. The book advocates a rigorous application of Ijtihad in order to restore the progressive character of Islam and ensure the progress of Muslim societies.

It is pointed that Muslim countries and consequently Muslim societies have significantly deviated from the fundamental Islamic values of peace, compassion, justice, tolerance and human equality. A firm adherence by Muslims to these Qur’anic values alone can eliminate extremism, fanaticism and violence in the name of Jihad.

Most of the Muslims have a skewed knowledge of the Qur’an. In order to help them to obtain a balanced and distortion free knowledge of this unique and remarkable book, this Monograph focuses on the multidimensional character of Al-Qur’an.

Accountability has been greatly refined and emphasized in the Qur’an. The Qur’an categorically rejects predetermination. It states unambiguously that human beings, on the Day of Judgment, will be answerable to Allah for their deeds during their life time on earth. One ought to fear Allah and be conscious of the Day of Judgment. If anyone ignores it he or she will do so at his/her own peril.